How do I update my name servers?

Updating your domains Name Servers will transfer the control of your DNS for you domain to Superia without transferring your domain, leaving you in control of your actual domain. This will allow us to set up your domain so that both your website and email are routed through our servers.

If you currently have your email with another provider and you want to keep it that way then you should follow the How do I update my DNS settings? article. However we highly recommend that for the best experience using the Superia sytem that you also route your email through our servers as we will not be able to support any email problems if they are hosted with another provider, also email is included with your subscription, so there will be no extra charge, so why pay another provider an additional fee?

If you are ok to route both your website and email through our servers then you can go ahead and update your name servers.

The name servers that you need to use are as follows;


Making this change to your domain can take up to 72 hours, so don't expect it to be an instant change.

Different domain providers have different admin panels, so  you will need to refer to the help files of your chosen provider on how to update your name servers, but here are some links to the most popular providers;

If you require any further help then please contact us.


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