How do I update my DNS settings?

If you want to point your domain at your Superia website, but don't want to affect your current email settings then updating your DNS settings is the way to go, if you are also hosting your emails with Superia then you probably want to update your name servers instead as this will point route both your website and your emails though Superia's servers. Please see the How do I update my name servers? article for more information.

To just point your domain to your website and keep everything else as it is then you will need to update your DNS settings in your domain control panel. Depending on which domain provider you are using depsnds on how this is done, here are some links to the most popular providers;

You will need to set up 2 A Name records in the DNS, the first one will be blank and will point to and the second one qill be www and will point to The IP address associated with your website depends on which of the Superia servers your website is hosted on, so you will need to contact us to find this out, you can do this by filling in the form below.

Once you have obtained your IP address then you can set up your A Name records, in the below example it assumes the IP address is, but you should change this to the one supplied to you.

A Name IP Address

fill out the following form and we will notify you of your IP address;

E-Mail Address:*
Your current Superia web address:*

If you require any further help then please contact us.


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