How do I point my domain name at my website?

There are several ways to point you domain name at your website, by far the best way is to register or transfer your domain name with us, this way we can administer your damain name on your behalf so we will be doing all of the hard work for you. Our current prices for domain names are £14.99 for a 2 year registration of a domain name and £18.99 for a 1 year registration of a .com domain name.

You can purchase both domain types from our website

.CO.UK domain name

.COM domain name

If you would rather purchase your domain name from another provider, or keep your domain name where it is then you have several options to update your domain to point at your website.

Altering your name servers

By altering your name servers on your domain you will be shifting the control of the DNS server for your domain into our control without having to move your domain, this is our preffered method as in the future if any changes need to be made to the DNS of your domain we can do that for you, however this will mean that both your website and email are routed through our servers, so if you would like to keep your email with another provider then you should follow the altering your DNS settings option.

For more information on changing your name servers please read the How do I update my name servers? article.

Altering your DNS settings

This option is more for people that need additional control over their own domain, and would prefer to make changes themselves, especially if they require their email to be held with another provider and not routed through the Superia servers.

For more information on changing your DNS settings please read the How do I update my DNS settings? article.

If you are not sure which option is best for you, please contact us.


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