How do I add Trusted Shops to my website?

OK, you've signed up to Trusted Shops, what now? Just follow the simple steps below to integrate the Trusted Shops widget and tracking code;

  • Log into your admin area
  • Go to Configuration > Templates
  • Edit the template that you are using for your website.
  • Go to the Advanced tab
  • Under Advanced Additional Content, click the text editor under the Additional HTML
  • Paste your Trusted Shops code in this area, if there is already text within this area then just ignore it and paste your code below it.
  • Click Update Additional HTML
  • Save your template

That's it, these steps have enabled the widget to appear on your website, just one more thing left to do is the tracking code (ecommerce customers only);

  • Go To Content > Pages
  • edit the Checkout: Finish page
  • click the WYSIWYG editor next to the Page Content
  • click the Source button in the top left of the WYSIWYG editor, this is the code for the page.
  • copy and paste the below code into this section after any other code that may appear there.

<div id="trustedShopsCheckout" style="display: none;">
<span id="tsCheckoutOrderNr">[CUSTOMER_ORDER_ID]</span>
<span id="tsCheckoutBuyerEmail">[CUSTOMER_EMAIL]</span>
<span id="tsCheckoutOrderAmount">[CUSTOMER_ORDER_TOTAL]</span>
<span id="tsCheckoutOrderCurrency">GBP</span>

  • click Update Page Content
  • Save your changes

That's it, now when somebody makes a purchase from your site the details will be sent to Trusted Shops to aid in getting people to leave a review.

As usual if you get stuck please don't hesitate to contact us.


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